Critical Interface Design

“Caring about more than paying the bills”

Design Hall 45 min


  • O čem to bude?

    Lutz: As creators and designers we are incredible powerful, what is more true than ever for interface design. Because we are defining the rules and possibilities of communication and interaction for today's society. Let's see what that could mean for us.

  • Co z toho návštěvníci získají?

    Lutz: You get the chance for reflection of the roles and responsibilites we all have in our daily jobs. You also get inspiration about ethics, happiness and changing the world. Also you may take away some arguments, why to not do just everything your clients / bosses say.

  • Pro koho to je?

    Lutz: Everybody who is designing and who doesn't want to only care about paying his/her bills.

  • Čím se nyní zabývám?

    Lutz: Taking the role of a UX Manager in a large UCD website relaunch project.

  • Čeho si z toho, co jsem dosud dosáhl, nejvíc vážím?

    Lutz: Hard to say, never looked back to value my achievements. But if you want one: I'm quite proud about my highscore for Tetris on the Gameboy.

  • Čeho bych chtěl dosáhnout?

    Lutz: Changing the world so that there is more happiness with everyone.

  • Na co se na WebExpo těším?

    Lutz: Meeting the czech web community and learn to know a lot of great people. And let's see, if someone is actually interested in a discourse about ethics and power.

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Lutz Schmitt

Senior Consultant nexum AG